Producer of plastic casings

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Dear partners, we are strong and dynamically developing company. Our main values are decency, honesty and human relations. We will be glad to find new partners.

JV BIGAN is the first producer of plastic casing in the Republic of Belarus.

  • 2016 start of the corporate social responsibility program
  • 2013 participation in international fair IFFA 2013
  • 2010 participation in international fair IFFA 2010
  • 2009, January production of sausage casing
  • 2008, April, start of the first in the world flexomashine (UV/IR) 8+8 colors
  • 2008, from February till present time — we conduct our work together with National Academy research center, that has to deal with the resource saving problems in order to get nanomodified products for packing industry
  • 2007, December – Quality assurance
    ISO 9001-2001 Quality Management System
    ISO 22000-20064001 Safety Management System
  • 2007, February – we begin to provide our new service — shirring of the casing
  • 2006, January – start of the second extrusion line
    The winner of the award “The best businessman in Belarus”
  • 2004, November – start of the first and the only flexomashine in Belarus 6+2 colors (IR)
  • 2003, November – start of the first extrusion line
  • 2003, March — registration as a resident of FEZ «Grodnoinvest» (
  • 2001, October – company registration

Strategy plan for 2021 -2023: strengthening positions on the national market, constant development of the technological characteristics of our production, and entering international markets.


BIGA-3 is multilayered casing, produced according RB800011199.001-2003.
Caliber ranger: 18-120mm
Thickness range: 35-60μ
Layers From 1 to 5
Color range: Clear, white, brown, red, gold, beige, cream, silver, orange, bronze, black, crimson, claret. All colors are also available in a translucent version. Exclusive colors are also available.
Delivery forms: Reels, shirred sticks, clipped
Properties High mechanical strength
Excellent adhesion to the sausage meat
Excellent barrier properties
Sales-boosting appearance with its taut, smooth surface
Uniformity of caliber
Absolutely true to diameter
Post-sales service
Application All kinds of cooked sausage, liver pate,
soups, melted cheese, fish products.
Equipment BIGA-3 is intended to auto or semi-auto equipment to fill and clip production. Manual work is also possible.
Print Outer-layer print 7+7 colors (IR\UV)
High quality of UV printing increases your sales.
Design development Employees of our design center in a short time will work out an effective project for your production.


JV BIGAN , Head Office
Myasnitskaya str 27
230005 Grodno


phone/fax +375 (152) 62 68 21, +375 (152) 62 68 20
fax: +375 (152) 62 68 23
GSM: + 375 (29) 288 99 91, + 375 (29) 872 40 00